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Pioneering financial technology

Unsere modularen Lösungen zur Digitalisierung der Finanzindustrie verbinden alte und neue Welten. Durch diese Kombination entstehen neue Möglichkeiten für Geschäftsmodelle und Schnittstellen.


Simple and flexible
as you require


The future for banks lies ahead
in the platform economy


International Platform for developers

Digitisation is modular

Comprehensive, proven and award-winning technology solutions. Our modular technology offers you a range of implementation mechanisms that simplify and customize the technical integration for your requirements.

Digital Engagement

Technology solutions to integrate and strengthen your customer and advisors relationship.

Our Digital Engagement solutions can help you win new customers and increase revenues with your existing customers.

Digital Portfolio Management

Intelligent creation and optimization of portfolios.

Construct model portfolios or vFunds to control, monitor and report for a large number of portfolios and then execute ordering processes smoothly at the klick of a button.

Digital Advice

Data-driven tools to transform your business from a product sales model into a portfolio consulting model. You will receive customized recommendations to increase your sales.

Digital Operations

Relieve your administration while maintaining the highest regulatory standards of efficiency.

Our digital modules create time- and cost-efficient workflows that are specifically tailored to your company.

Fintech as a Service

We are one of the leading providers of Fintech as a Service (FaaS) and Application programming interfaces (APIs) for the future market of international finance. Use our modules holistically and easy to implement – as simple as a puzzle:


Execution Broker

Investment Explorer
Model Portfolio
Order Mgmt.
Portfolio Comparison
Reporting Analytics
Risk Profile
User Asset Allocation
Wealth Planning
Risk Disclosure TTS
Portfolio Construction

Digital Engagement

Digital Operation

Digital Advice

Digital Portfolio

External Blocks


  • 100 % modular and digital
  • Intuitive Elements
  • Validated technology
  • tested. proven. safe.


The needs of bank customers in the digital age.

The change in society associated with digital (r)evolution is having a strong impact on the banks. Find out more about the demands and expectations of digital customers on Bank 4.0 here.

All study information and whitepapers were created in cooperation with DigitalMindWay.

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